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Electricity Review Board

The Electricity Review Board can be established when an application is received to:

  • review a decision of the Economic Regulation Authority or the Minister for Energy in relation to regulated electricity networks covered by the Electricity Industry Act 2004.
  • perform certain determination and appeal functions relating to decisions of the Independent Market Operator and the conduct of market participants in the wholesale electricity market.

When an application for review is received, the Attorney General selects a legal practitioner from a panel of legal practitioners to take on the role of Presiding Member. The Presiding Member selects two experts from a panel of experts. These three Members constitute the Board.

Panel Members

The Governor has appointed the following members to serve on the Electricity Review Board Panel.

The appointment period means the period beginning on 5 August 2016 and ending on the earlier of:

     (a) the beginning of the day on which Part 6 Division 2 of the Act is repealed; and
     (b) the beginning of 1 January 2018.

Appointment to panel of Legal Practitioners

Each of the following persons is appointed as a member of the panel of legal practitioners referred to in section 52(1)(a) of the Act for the appointment period.

Mr Simon Adams
Mr Adam Bisits
Mr Scott Ellis
Mr Michael Sweeney

Appointment to Panel of Experts

Each of the following persons is appointed as a member of the panel of experts referred to in section 52(1)(b) of the Act for the appointment period.

Mr Graham Mathieson
Ms Jenny Davis
Mr Mark Johnston
Mr Simon Orme

Administrative support and the financial management of the Electricity Review Board are provided by the Energy Disputes Arbitrator (Arbitrator). As the Board does not hear appeals against the Arbitrator, its administrative accountability to the Arbitrator does not constrain or impair its independence.

Immunity is conferred on any member of the Review Board for an act or omission, in good faith and in the exercise of official powers or functions.

The Board may, at any one time, be constituted as different groups of panel members to hear and make determinations on any number of separate matters.

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